Steam sauna «Barin»

Price from 8.00 to 18.00 - 9 000 kzt/hr
Price from 18.00 to 8.00 - 18 000 kzt/hr

From olden time across Rus it is known that «Taking bath is as good as taking a new lease of life!» Following the best traditions of the bathing practice, «Traditional», the hotel and catering complex presents its elite Bath House, which combines sites for recreation of both body and soul.

In the decoration of the commodious lounge, high quality wood was used, and the main color is «King Claret-Color». Doubtless keynote of the sitting room is luxurious massive natural leather armchairs, arranged around a large Landlord’s oak table, similar to those whereat long since the representatives of the upper class have gathered for brotherly feasts. Evolution Pro, the state-of-the-art karaoke system, gastronomic cuisine masterpieces and a bar with a wide variety of beverage fitting every, even the very delicate taste, are at the disposal of our dear guests. Washing room is decorated ‘a la Boyar’ and for convenience of our dear guests is equipped with shower.

As for those connoisseurs, who prefer to switch off from loud feast in favor of eastern calmness we offer a wide well-hung couch with pillows behind black-out curtains, and the background note is exclusive shishas.

Guided by the proverb, which states that «a bath without whisk is as a garden without an apple-tree», it is recommended not only to enjoy fragrant steam, but also to take a proper steam using high-quality whisks. As the Russian tradition demands, there is a pool with cool water, so as the guests, having soused there after hot steam, would recover their health and spirits, and in order to please the European style for rehabilitation and relaxation there is massage room with a wide range of services.

«Barin» bath house ideally fits for conduction of business meetings, stag-parties and meeting friends.

Enjoy your steam!