Craft breakfast by the chef Vitalyi Kosenchuk are prepared in keeping with the best traditions of worlds’ national breakfast cuisines, and taking into account guests’ exceptional taste and recent trends.

Fitness-breakfast It was created in order to spent breakfast time ultimate good and with the best advantages for figure, health and great mood.
There would be offered to taste a hot oatmeal porridge crusted with soft raspberry squash, raspberry berries, and mint and decorated with almond flakes. Crunchy muesli is mixed with honey for gaining the complete deliver taste; the fresh yogurt and fitness bread served for a breakfast are chime in with the assembly.
It is offered to finish a breakfast with banana, strawberry and orange juice.

Countrified / luncheon shopThose dishes in the villages that served together with vodka have the special charm!
The own salting sauerkraut from the cellar with fresh dills would be kindly served for You! Fried eggs with sausages of our concoction are huddled up on a dish and served with home-style fried potatoes bewitched to a golden brown. On top of everything the sourdough rye bread that right off the stove would set to enjoy the ‘jam tomorrow’. Rassolchik would be served as for drink after meal!

Sausages of your choice:
  • beef;
  • lamb;
  • chicken;
  • pork.

Russian breakfastThis menu was composed upon those recipes that since ancient times hereditary from cook to cook among Russia and later on contemplated again to modern hand by our chef and offered to dear guests.
As per tradition, during breakfast the guests would choose the best cook by checking thickness of pancakes among offered ideal thinnest pancakes to wrap a hot dog in it. Pungent green beans are stir fried in juicy cherry tomatoes, simmered to brown field mushrooms, golden brown crispy potatoes wedges, bacon and brezaola with greenery are served all together. Freshly squeezed juice offered to finish your morning meal as per Russian tradition.

Italian breakfastBeing encouraged by sunny breakfasts of Tuscany, we wish to offer to our dear guests an Italian morning meal.
The traditional Italian mozzarella with Pesto sauce would be served together with tomatoes. A boiled egg would complement the taste of fried zucchini, and fragrant ciabatta with salmon and bacon slices would be have the last note priority that reminding the warm and faraway Italian coasts.

French breakfast Breakfasts at the sophisticated luxury atmosphere of Paris are elegant!
It is offered to start the French morning pleasure with the famed poached eggs and delicious fried eggs with tomatoes and mixed greens. A fresh soft croissant with creamy butter and strawberry jam will perfectly flavor the natural yogurt taste. It’s offered to finish the meal with freshly squeezed orange juice.

English breakfast To taste the Queen worthy breakfast is offered to our guests!
As a starter for the morning meal a traditional English porridge with tinned peaches and berries is prepared, and the continuation would last with gratinated pungent fried egg and own concoction sausages. Golden crust toasts with bacon and brezaola slices look in the real English style, as well as kidney beans, field mushrooms and baked tomatoes would care the gastronomic balance of the breakfast.